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Grupo Contenosa

CONTENOSA’s diversity of activities is one of its most important strengths. We offer clients coverage at all stages of the supply chain in foreign trade, all under the same umbrella.

Automotive Division

Automotive Division

The automotive division of CONTENOSA was founded in 2006 and was named the exclusive and general agent for Volkswagen Logistics CKD traffic in Spain.


El Grupo Contenosa crea la División de cargas Especiales y Proyectos

El Grupo Contenosa ha creado la División de cargas Especiales y Proyectos, dando forma y nombre a una actividad que ya venía desarrollando, con el objetivo de ofrecer este producto, con independencia de otras lineas de negocio. 

Cargo Project Division

Carga proyectos

In 2012 the special cargo and projects division was created to give specific structure to an activity that GRUPO CONTENOSA had been actively pursuing, in order to expressly offer this service as a product independent from other lines of business.

Client Area
Canary Island Shipping Line